04 November 2013

Mini Knitted Christmas Stocking

I love these little Christmas stockings and over the years I've knitted hundreds of them, some for our Christmas tree, and others packaged in sets as gifts for friends, teachers, co-workers, neighbours and as my contribution to the school Christmas stall.

They knit up in no time and while the pattern indicates to use 5 ply yarn I have used whatever I had in my knitting bag - 8 ply, 4 ply and even 3 ply, adjusting the needle size to suit (and that will depend on whether you are a tight, average or loose knitter).

Even a beginner knitter could make these little stockings and they really are quick - about half an hour from start to finish!

These miniature Christmas stockings are just the right size to hold a packet of Lifesavers or Fruit Tingles and are perfect for children to add to Christmas cards as a little gift.

String 24 stockings along a length of tinsel, fill them with treats and use them as a cute Advent calendar.

Add a loop to the top of the stocking and it becomes a delightful tree ornament, especially if it contains a packet of lollies.

You will need:

Small quantities of 5 ply wool in main colour and white (I use Christmas red and green as the main colour but you can use any colour)
1 pair 3mm (no. 11) knitting needles

Row 1: Cast on 30 stitches in main colour
Knit 6 rows.
Row 7:  K14, K2 together, turn, slip 1, K4, K2 tog and turn.
Row 8:  K2 together, turn, slip 1, K4, K2 together, turn.
Repeat Row 8 until 17 stitches remain.

K20 rows in garter stitch in main colour.
Join in white wool and K6 rows.

Cast off leaving a long thread to make a loop for hanging. Sew up sole and side seams and fill with rolls of lollies (Lifesavers, Fruit Tingles, Fruit Pastilles, mints etc) or other miniature gifts.

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