07 November 2013

Free Learn to Sew Lessons

My mother is a beautiful seamstress, and self-taught too! Dad would draft the patterns and Mum did the cutting out, fitting and sewing. I was eleven years old before I owned a bought dress or top or trousers. Mum even made our overcoats. In fact the only bought thing we wore were socks - and she even managed to tizzy those up with lace or embroidery.

So you can imagine her disappointment when I didn't show an interest in sewing. That is until she paid for me to do a Knitwit course (anyone else old enough to remember Knitwit courses?) and I have been hooked ever since. These days sewing courses are expensive as Cheapskater Bernadette found out. She also found a Cheapskates work-around for them too, one that costs you absolutely nothing!

Free Sewing Lessons
Approximate $ Savings: Up to $890
I have been wanting to learn sewing for some time to polish up my skills and sew for myself and kids but found short courses were too expensive, around $295 at the Council for Adult Education and $53-$860 for Tafe courses (which charge per contact hour). So I searched the net and found www.burdastyle.com have FREE how to sew lessons, free forums, free tips, and FREE SEWING PATTERNS! The patterns are excellent for the latest fashions. I also found a site for fantastic modern sewing and craft ideas, www.onehourcraft.com for those challenged by less time. Now I can learn at my own pace from my own home. And no more paying through the nose for the latest fashions!
Contributed by Bernadette

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