20 February 2014

Buy Reusable Instead of Disposable

Every now and then take a look at the disposable things you're buying and ask yourself whether any of them can be replaced with a reusable item.

Some examples from our home:

Serviettes. I'd buy a packet of paper serviettes every month when I did the shopping. They weren't expensive, 99 cents. But  they were paper and invariably they'd end up in the rubbish.

Cupcake papers. The same as the serviettes. I'd be putting a couple of packs of cupcake papers in the trolley. I did this for years. Then I saw silicone cup cake "papers" at the Reject Shop for $2 for six. Over a few weeks I stocked up. Now I have four dozen reusable cup cake papers that should last me until I can no longer bake. I won't be buying papers again.

Paper towel. I stopped using it years ago when our grocery budget was so tight even 79 cents for a roll of paper towel was too much. Instead I have rags for spills, cheesecloths for draining and knitted dishcloths for wiping benchtops, dishes and so on.

Paper plates and plastic cutlery. When the children were younger and we had three birthday parties a year I decided that not only were disposable party supplies expensive, we were sending far too much plastic to landfill. Instead I bought cheap picnic sets (each one had a plate, bowl, tumbler and cutlery for four people) in different colours and put them in the party box. We're still using them. They were around $4 each, very inexpensive compared to disposable and they've lasted for 19 years!

Coffee filters. We still have a drip coffee machine that gets brought out when we have a lot of coffee to make. I gave up on the paper filters years ago. A reusable filter costs about $3 and lasts for years. It's perfect, doesn't fall apart if it's not emptied straight away, ideal if you save the coffee ground for the worms or compost.

There are so many things we automatically buy, use and throw away that can be replaced with reusable alternatives. Have a think about what disposables you use in your home and then how much money and landfill space you could be saving by switching to reusable.


  1. I always pop in and check out your money saving tips...love the idea of reusable plates for kids parties. I also don't use paper products and am old school and use hankies instead of tissues...thanks for all the money saving tips.

  2. re: Buy Reusable Instead of Disposable
    I compost all of my coffee filters in fact any and all paper is shredded and used by the hens and then composted.
    re: green bags -- I've been taking bags with me since I can remember. Last century everyone did then plastic reared its ugly head and I was considered a 'greenie' which has never bothered me. I always have at least three bags of assorted sizes in my backpack.
    SereneBee - Perth, WA where it is too dry and getting warmer~


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