26 February 2014

Convincing a Non-believer

My husband doesn't always see the real value of watching what we (or he) spends. With a finance background, budgeting and money management are not difficult for me, however, on principle I deplore any type of poor spending through lack of proper research, or even need!

To help non-believers understand try subtle things like cutting out pictures of items you both would like to have e.g. boat, appliances/tools, plasma TV, caravan, holiday etc. and placing on the fridge or somewhere they will be noticed.

When the non-believer asks about them, just mention they are long term goals you both could aim towards with combined savings, and attaining them sooner is possible with a change of spending behaviour!

Use of a calendar to plot the progressive savings for one or more goals will help and maybe even fast-track the goal with improved habits.
Contributed by Rita

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