14 February 2014

How to Afford Your Favourite Gourmet Coffee

Are you addicted to gourmet coffee from your friendly neighbourhood coffee shop? These expenses can add up quickly. In fact, some folks spend well over $300 per month for their daily dose of caffeine, gourmet style (ouch!).

What if you could have your cake and eat it too? In other words, what if you could enjoy your daily gourmet coffee and lattes, but save money at the same time!

These ideas will have you licking your lips while you count your savings, including my new favourite coffee flavour:


1. Buy an on-the-stove espresso maker. Cost: ~$20

*Heat up milk on the stove or in the microwave; pour in cup.

*Make espresso in the espresso maker.

*Add 30ml of espresso to 180ml milk.

Or buy a higher-end espresso maker. Cost: ~$200+ depending on brand.

If you spend over a hundred dollars each month (that's just one coffee a day) at the gourmet coffee shop, you'll soon make up for the cost of the espresso maker in your daily savings.

*Brew espresso.

*While it's brewing, pour cold milk into mug.

*Steam the milk right in the cup with the milk steamer arm on the espresso machine.

*Add 30ml of espresso to 180ml milk.


Add your choice of flavourings to your milk when you add the espresso. If you have the more costly espresso maker, avoid adding flavourings to milk before you steam it, or it’ll clog the steamer arm on the espresso maker.

*Mocha latte: Add in chocolate syrup and sugar to taste.

*Vanilla latte: Add a couple drops of vanilla extract and sugar to taste.

*Caramel latte: Add caramel ice cream topping and sugar to taste.

*Peppermint latte: Melt a peppermint candy in a small amount of water and add to latte (this is a great way to use up those leftover Christmas candy canes, just crush them up and add to your coffee). Or use 1-2 drops of peppermint extract.

*You can even buy your favourite flavourings at the supermarket or gourmet coffee stores, which would still be cheaper than buying the flavoured coffee and lattes there every day.

Top it off with whipped cream (if you dare) and enjoy!

Iced Coffees

*Iced coffee. Pour coffee and ice into beverage shaker. Shake and pour into glass.

*Blended ice coffee. Pour coffee and ice into blender and blend.

Gourmet Coffee

Because of the immense popularity of gourmet coffees, supermarkets now carry a good selection of gourmet coffees and coffee beans.

If you like to grind your own beans for the freshest flavour, buy a coffee bean grinder (around $20 and it can be used to grind nuts and seeds too) or use the one at the supermarket.

These gourmet coffees are every bit as tasty as the ones at your local gourmet coffee shop, but they cost less because you make the coffee yourself.

Whether you like lattes, cappuccinos or a short or long black, skip the coffee shop and experiment with different flavours and styles of coffee at home and have fun. You'll be saving yourself a trip to the local coffee shop, saving you money, time and energy (and a whole lot of kilojoules!).

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