13 March 2014

31 Days of MOO No. 13 - Veggie Wash

Are you aware that it is recommended that all fruits and vegetables, even the ones we peel, should be scrubbed under running water to clean them of dirt, bugs, pesticides and waxes?

Washing under running water is a waste of water. Instead this Veggie Spray will clean them safely and cheaply, without wasting water.

You will need:
1 cup water
1 cup white vinegar
1 tbsp bicarbonate soda
Juice of 1/2 lemon

Step 1. Combine all ingredients in a tall jug or very deep bowl. The mixture will fizz and froth - remember mixing bicarb and vinegar to make volcanoes as a child?

Step 2. When the mixture has settled down, pour into a spray bottle. Shake well before each use.

To use: Spray fruit and veggies all over with spray. Let sit 2 minutes. Rinse in clean water.

The lemon is acts as an antibacterial, the vinegar kills bacteria and helps to dissolve the wax and pesticide residues found on the skins of many fruits and vegetables.

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