05 March 2014

The 31 Days of MOO No. 5 - MOO Wholegrain Honey Mustard

Personally I'm a pickle kinda girl, but the male members of our household are mustard guys through and through. They love mustard on meat. They have it on sandwiches. They use it as a dip for  cheese sticks. They just plain enjoy it.

They enjoy it so much that a couple of years ago I started MOOing mustard. According to the fellas it's good enough to give away, so that's what I did last year for Christmas. I made little pots of wholegrain honey mustard to add to the hampers I made up and they went down a treat.

Mustard is another one of those things we automatically buy instead of MOO, but there's really no reason to buy it. It's so easy to make and so much nicer than bought mustard, cross it off your shopping list right now and start MOOing it.

Wholegrain Honey Mustard

1/4 cup mustard powder (yellow, I use Keens)
1/4 cup mustard seeds (yellow)
1/2 tsp of turmeric
1/2 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp brown sugar
3 tbsp sesame oil
2 tbsp honey
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
1/2 cup water

Step 1.
Combine dry ingredients together in a small saucepan.

Step 2.
Add the oil, water, vinegar and honey. Whisk together until the sugar and honey have dissolved.

Step 3.
Bring it to a boil and turn it down. Keep it at a low simmer for 15 minutes, whisking occasionally and watching it doesn't burn on the bottom.

Step 4.
The mixture will thicken to a prepared mustard consistency as it cooks and thicken a little more to spreading consistency when it cools.

Step 5.
Remove from heat. Pour into hot, sterilized mustard pots and seal. Store in the fridge after opening.

Note: If you prefer a smooth mustard grind the whole mustard seeds to a powder and use half a cup of powdered mustard in total.

Yellow mustard seeds are milder in flavour than a black mustard seed. If you like a hot, spicy mustard use black mustard seeds instead of yellow.

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  1. Cath
    What do you mean by a mustard pot?
    Can I use a recycled jar instead/
    I am getting mustard seed tomorrow to make this.
    New to your blog and I have joined the cheapskates club
    and I am amazed at the fact I no longer have to by evaporated milk how cool is that!!!!!1
    Jenny Palmer

  2. Use a recycled jar by all means!

    A mustard pot is just an old fashioned term for the jar mustard comes in these days - before glass was common and cheap it came in little pots. I've grown up calling any jar that had mustard in it the mustard pot, it's one of those habits that is firmly entrenched :)


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