21 March 2014

31 Days of MOO No. 21 - MOO Cooking Spray

If you love the convenience of cooking spray (and really, who doesn't?) you are going to love today's MOO. Cooking spray is so convenient, just pick up the can and spray your frying pan, baking dish, cake tin, biscuit tray or grill. It lets you measure and control the amount of oil you use in your cooking, nothing seems to stick when you've sprayed the pan and one can lasts a long, long time, making it seem quite frugal.

But have you read the ingredients list on the can? Oi! There's a reason cooking spray stains the things it comes in contact with - it's full of all kinds of nasty stuff you wouldn't voluntarily use in your kitchen. No one should put that stuff in their mouths, especially willingly.

MOO Cooking Spray

You will need:
Misting/spray bottle (I suggest a new bottle for this, you don't want one that has been contained with MOO cleaning solutions)
Oil of your choice (I use olive oil because that's the oil I like to cook with most)
Water, boiled or filtered

Step 1. Mix 1 part oil to 4 parts boiled, distilled or filtered water.

Step 2. Pour into your spray bottle.

Step 3. Shake well each time you use it (because oil and water don’t mix, or at least they don't stay mixed).

Step 4. Use it. Spray it on grills, in cake tins, in frying pans - wherever you would normally cooking spray. It makes fantastic fried eggs, without the extra fat and kilojoules.

See how easy that was? You'll still get the great non-stick benefits and of course the lower fat benefit too. What you won't get is the GMOs, the propellants and the other nasties hidden in cooking spray.

Notes: It may seem odd mixing water with oil, we all know they don't really mix. Oil on it's own won't mist, even with a misting sprayer. The water helps the oil to mist, and cover your pan or tin evenly.

Sterilise the bottle - you will be putting ingredients you use in cooking into it, you don't want it contaminated with bacteria.

Which brings me to the water. For the same reasons as above, and that you will be storing the spray, use filtered, boiled water to ensure your cooking spray won't go rancid or grow science experiments.

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  1. Cath
    That is interesting I was wondering where did you get the misting bottle from ?
    When you first started lowering your food bill did you get frustrated with yourself and angry I guess at yourself when shopping?
    Thanks Jenny Palmer Tasmania

  2. Most spray bottles have a nozzle that will turn to different sprays - just turn the nozzle until it sends out a mist. You can buy "mister" bottles but they're much more expensive than a regular $1 spray bottle.

    As for lowering the food bill, I didn't get frustrated in the beginning, it was a challenge I enjoyed - seeing how we could still eat well without feeling deprived and how much I could get without going over budget - not that there was anything to go over with :)

    Detailed planning helps, as does one shopping day - either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Get everything (that's why need a detailed list) on shopping day and then stay away from the shops. No just going for milk or bread or whatever, and if you run out of something add it to the list for next time, but don't go and buy it.

  3. Thanks Cath I need a plan as we are 125kms away from the shops
    I have been reading your blog have almost got back to the beginning and I just want to say Thankyou for all the sharing you have done it has really helped and I am grateful so thankyou
    Jenny Palmer Tasmania

  4. Hi Cath,
    Have lived this way for years but there is so much more to learn and so little time - Love the tips, hints and savings!

  5. Hi Cath,
    I bought a pump spray bottle and just pour in the olive oil. Pump a few times and it sprays beautifully. I bought it from Habitat Store in Hobart.


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