16 April 2014

Cut Heating Costs by up to 25% by Blocking Drafts

We have enjoyed a long summer, but the nights are getting cool and it won't belong before winter is here complete with cold winds. Did you know that heating your home accounts for around 40% of your heating bills? And that drafts are responsible for more than half that cost - up to 25% of your total heating bill? You could be throwing your money to the wind.

Before winter arrives, take some time to walk around your home to find any drafts.
First, walk through your home evaluating obvious places where drafts can let in cold and let out energy. When your home is draft-free, you can rest easy knowing you are doing your best to keep your family warm while saving money at the same time.

Check for drafty areas by looking at the space between the skirting board and the edge of the floor. Take a look at your fireplace  if you have one to see how much energy is escaping through improperly sealed spaces. Look at ducted heating and cooling vents - are they leaking air? Some of the more common areas to check are:
  • window frames
  • weather stripping around doors and windows
  • attic hatches
  • patio doors
  • air conditioners that have been installed in windows or walls. 
Pipes, tubing, electrical outlets, seals around your foundation and even a doggy door can allow unwanted cold air in while letting heat escape. Caulking and weather stripping need to be replaced in order to be effective in saving energy.

Since windows and doors are the biggest culprits for air leaks, you may want to install low-cost foam tape found at your local hardware store over the windows. You can also buy draft blocks for the bottom of your external doors or use a door sausage just like Grandma did.

Keep the cold air out and the warm air in and watch your power bill shrink.

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