11 April 2014

Storage Areas in Really Small Spaces

Everyone is all too familiar with bulky plastic containers that we continue to move from one place to another. First we put them in the garage and then they wind up in the laundry only to end up in a bedroom or the hallway or some other space that isn't really convenient.

The truth of the matter is that these bulky storage containers are good for certain things, but for the most part not for our every day lives. A really good storage system is necessary for every room of the house – not just to overstuff and trip over later, but to control the clutter and keep our lives organized.

One of the hardest places for storage is in the bedroom. Typically, you will find only one wardrobe with a “his” and “hers” side. And we all know that is never enough.

Placing small dividers in top drawers is a great way to store more for your space. Having these dividers forces you to fold your personals in a smaller way and fit more.

Under the bed is another great way to store things like winter jumpers or out-of-season items. You can fit a variety of shapes or sizes and even one long under the bed storage container.

An often forgotten space ideal for storage is the top of a dressing table or chest of drawers. By having individual compartmentalized containers on top of your dressing table, you'll alleviate tons of clutter and have everything you need from makeup to jewellry at your fingertips.

The headboard to your bed can also be a really cool place for storage, even if it is just for your books, magazines, or papers. You can build or create a headboard that can hide all that messy paperwork. Those headboards with built-in bookshelves and reading lamps that were so popular in the 1950s are making an updated and very stylish comeback, and for good reason - they work!

If you have stairs leading up to your bedrooms you have storage space just waiting to be put to use. Get the advice of a professional carpenter. This particular craftsman may direct you to toward incorporating storage underneath the stairs where none existed before or even underneath each individual stair. While this may seem like an expense at first, it will never need revisiting and will last forever. It is an investment well worth investigating. The space under the stairs makes an excellent larder or linen press, or even a small library, depending on how you utilise it.

When we think storage in the garage, we think shelving, or cubby space. Looking up to the ceiling is one of the best storage spaces for really small spaces. Most people overlook how much room they have for storage up in their garages. By creating storage space in the ceiling of the garage, you can store those seasonal items such as your Christmas tree easily and effectively.

In our garage Wayne has rigged up a pulley system and a couple of platforms. We store our camping gear on one and things we don't use regularly but want to keep on the other one. They're easy to pull up and down when we need to and they make great use of otherwise wasted space.

With a little ingenuity, you will find storage spaces for really small spaces. Using every centimetre of space will help you keep your home clutter-free.

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