28 April 2014

Off-cuts Grow into Beautiful Lawn and Save 90%!

Cheapskaters are not only thrifty, they are creative too. Jo N. saved herself $300 when she re-turfed her lawn with off-cuts and creatively placing them around the yard.

"I decided to do some major work to our back yard, pulling garden beds apart and cutting down several trees. After all this I was left with lots of dirt and not a great deal of grass. I wanted to turf, but enquiries came back with quotes of $200 to about $400. I finally found a place that was willing to sell me off-cuts, a trailer load - which I loaded myself - for $30. They were odd shapes and different sizes, but I puzzled them together and covered most of the area I needed to. For parts of the yard that were used less I put down the off-cuts but left spaces between them. Grass grows like yeast, so it didn't take long for them all to grow out and join each other and several months on we can no longer see the lines between the off-cuts and we have a beautifully grassed back yard. I'm quite happy to use other people's dregs for 10% of the full price!"

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