24 August 2014

For the Coffee Addicts: The Cheapskates Way to Refilling Pods

I promised over on our Facebook page to share how you can easily (and cheaply) refill coffee pods. Here it is, step--by-step.

We all know coffee is expensive. Good coffee is even more expensive. Buying great coffee is one of those outrageous costs we coffee addicts have put up with until recently.

The arrival of coffee pods and the idea of instant good coffee took Australia, and the world, by storm. The machines are compact. They make a reasonable cup of coffee in just a few seconds. Best of all they have brought the price of a half-decent cup of coffee down.

But the pods, the little containers of coffee grounds, are actually quite expensive. You can buy pods from Aldi for $5.99 for 128g or $4.67/100g (and these are the pods I use - my mother gave me the Expressi unit for Christmas a couple of years ago).

I can buy coffee beans from Coles and grind my own coffee for a fraction of the price. Coles Fair Trade coffee beans are the cheapest at just $1.30 per hundred grams. My favourite Lavazza beans cost $3.37 per hundred grams, almost half the pod price, off the shelf and less than half price when they are on sale.

These days I refill the pods. Now in saying that my unit is well and truly out of warranty. If you're unit is still in warranty then I don't recommend you refilling the pods just in case you need to make a warranty claim and your MOO pods are used as an excuse to not honour the warranty.

But if you're up for a fun challenge, would like to make your daily java even cheaper and are not concerned about the warranty on your unit, give refilling the pods a go, it is really easy.

You will need:

Used coffee pods
Your favourite ground coffee
Step 1. Take your used pods and carefully cut the foil off the top of them. Clean the used coffee grounds out (put them in the compost or sprinkle onto the garden) and wash and dry the pods.
Step 2. Fill the pods with ground coffee beans. I use two teaspoons of ground coffee per pod. Gently, very gently, pack it down. Don't press to hard, you don't want the coffee compressed.
Step 3. Cut a square of foil large enough to wrap over the top of the pod and down the sides. Wrap the re-filled pod with the foil, pressing it tightly over the edge so it is smooth.
That's it - you've just refilled your coffee pod. How easy was that? Use it the way you usually do and then save the pod and the foil to re-use. I can re-use the foil three or four times before it becomes too holey (each time you use it the coffee machine will put tiny pin pricks in it to let the water through).

Now enjoy your even cheaper coffee :)

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  1. I just found you (hi) and read your post about keeping coffee fresh, thank you for all the tips. I am fussy with my one cup a day and grind it fresh every 1 or 2 days....I am VERY lucky that 2 blocks from where I live, the local cafe roasts ( oh the wondeful aroma) fresh beans nearly every morning, so I buy 2 weeks supply at a time.....YUUUUUMMY


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