28 August 2014

Where to find the best bargains

Every city and some of our larger towns has at least one outlet mall. That's the enormous shopping centre, often bare bones factory style, that has a whole lot of factory outlets in the one place. They are great for hunting out bargains if you are after brand names like Sheridan or Mikasa or Gazman or Oroton or Puma any other brand.

The thing with these shopping centres is that often they are not cheaper than department stores. You need to know your prices and you need to know what is current stock and what is last season's stock. You can still pick up a bargain, but not quite the bargain you can pick up if you find an independent outlet.

Every city has lots of independent outlets, well kept secrets, that sell their wares direct to the public for less - a lot less; in some cases up to 85% off the retail price. That's a whole lot of money that stays in your bank account, that you can use to pay down debt, build an emergency fund or splurge with.

Some of my favourites are :

NQR Grocery Stores - brand name groceries at greatly reduced prices.

Hindustan Imports - spices, herbs, rice, oil with savings of up to 85% of supermarket prices.

Aurora Cleaning Supplies - save 50% plus on basic cleaning items. Great for bulk washing soda and soaker.

Tasman Meats (my favourite butcher) - meat isn't a luxury at Tasman's prices.

TruTaste Nuts - huge savings on dried fruit and nuts, honey and snacks.

Mountain Bread - order online, have it delivered to your door and save 50% on supermarket prices.

Theo's Discount Craft - find the interesting and the more mundane craft items here at  rock bottom prices. Great for buttons and ribbons.

Do you have a secret super saver outlet you love? Where do you find your best bargains?

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