05 November 2015

A Welcoming Front Door Decoration

First impressions count, and a lovely entrance to welcome your visitors makes a great first impression. Cheapskater Patricia has come up with a really nice way to decorate your front door, and in true Cheapskater fashion, it costs virtually nothing and re-uses materials you already have. I love this idea, and can see greenery and gum nuts with some splashes of red from poinsettias for a beautiful Christmas decoration.

A Welcoming Front Door Decoration

These decorations can be used at any time e.g.: Christmas, Easter, birthdays. Collect some small glass jars, the small thin jam ones are good. I had some little glass jugs and maple syrup jars with a handle, the more rustic the better. Tie and knot lengths of string firmly a couple of times around the neck or handle. Make sure they are secure, then hang a various lengths from a sturdy hook near the front door. Adjust lengths by knotting string then fill the jars with water and a few pretty flowers and greenery. Don't over crowd. The colours depend on what is in the garden, daisy, herbs, lavender are lovely but berries are nice and bright in winter. I like to have odd numbers of jars, 5 is good. Cost: virtually nil. If you are a Cheapskater, you will usually have jars, string and a hook somewhere saved for 'just in case'!
Contributed by Patricia Cooper

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