12 November 2015

Christmas Organization Tips for Busy People Part 1

How often have you thought "This year Christmas is going to be different"? You're tired of the stress, hurry, and busy-ness of the season. You're determined to enjoy Christmas this year - even if it kills you! No matter how many days remain until Christmas, it's never too late to get your house in order so that you can enjoy the holidays. When your house is in order - your "stuff" is organized and your "activities" are well planned - you will find that you have less stress and more time to enjoy your family and friends and focus on the true meaning of this most blessed season.

Christmas Calendars

Take a look at your November and December family calendar. This time of year becomes so hectic with end of year parties, school break-up activities, carols, shopping, wrapping, decorating and baking. Make sure that all activities for each family member are listed on the family calendar. Look carefully for conflicts and tricky scheduling, as well as multi-tasking opportunities. And look for a day or two that you can plan on completing your Christmas shopping - without kids!

Have a family meeting to discuss each family member's Christmas activities. Are your children going to be spending more evenings with a sitter than with the family this holiday? Have you left plenty of "white space" on the calendar - time with no planned activities - time to sit back and enjoy a family Christmas movie or perhaps drive around town looking at holiday light displays?

As December progresses, at the beginning of each week look at the week's scheduled activities and necessary errands. Try to schedule all the week's errands during one time period. If possible, plan to do your errands in the morning, early in the week to avoid crowds (and the heat). If you drop kids off for extra-curricular activities or parties, do some errands before picking them up.

Taking a few minutes now to work out who needs to be where and when will save you so much time and stress, and really help you enjoy Christmas.

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