02 November 2015

How to Make Pretty Gift Bows for Just a Few Cents

I first saw these bows online a few years ago and fell in love with them (and I'm really sorry, I can't remember the website - when I find the original notes I'll put a link here). I just love to tizzy up gifts and make them look extra special for the extra special people I'm giving them too, and these are so easy to make and once you've done a couple really quick too.

You will need:
Thick wrapping paper (double-sided is nice if you have it)
Thin ribbon

Step 1.  Take your wrapping paper and cut a strip approximately 30cm long. Fold it in half, then cut it into squares.

Step 2.  Now take a square and fold the bottom edge up, without creasing the paper, leaving about a 5mm space from the top edge.

Step 3. Cut from the bottom, up towards the fold, in 1cm strips. I don't measure them, I just eyeball it. You can measure if you want to. Don't cut right to the fold - leave about 1cm. Hint: Smaller, narrower strips curl better.

Step 4.  Open out the square. You should have cut ends, with a solid centre.

Step 5.  Fold the  strips accordion style, as if you were making a paper fan. Tie in the centre with a piece of ribbon or string or yarn to hold the strips in place.

Step 6.  Take your scissors and, on the wrong side of a strip, gently run the angled blade of your scissors towards you (angling the blade will give you a corkscrew effect - a flat blade gives a tight curl). If you've curled curling ribbon it's the same process. Just be very gentle or you'll tear the paper strips. If you do, don't worry, curl the others and they'll cover the gap. Repeat for all the strips in your bundle and your ribbon bow is done.

To stick your bows to your gift or gift bag use a dab of hot glue, or of strong craft glue or a couple of sticky foamies, a small piece of double-sided tape works too.

They look great on parcels and gift bags and cost just a few cents and take just a couple of minutes to make - it takes less than 5 minutes to make six or seven of these simple bows, they really are that quick and easy!

You can use the paper you've wrapped the gift in for matching bows or use coordinating paper for a more colourful look.

If you really love them, you can use them to cover a wreath shape for a pretty and unique decoration.

I've used them to cover egg rings, put a pillar candle in the centre and used them as candle holders on our Christmas dinner table too.

I've also seen them made from autumn toned papers and used to cover a wreath base to make a beautiful autumn wreath.

How would you use these pretty bows?

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  1. Cath, the bows are just wonderful! Thanks so much for doing such a great tutorial. This is a fabulous idea!

  2. These look great Cath.

    I am going to practice this one.

    These would be fantastic for adding to gifts, thank you Cath :)



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