18 December 2015

Cath's Meal Plan 20/12/ - 26/12/2015

It's Christmas week already! Oh my goodness but this month has flown by.

We're all ready for Christmas, with presents wrapped and under the tree, cakes and puddings made, treats stashed away and the house decorated. Now we just have to sit back and wait patiently, not something I'm very good at.

Our meals this week are simple, because I just know we'll be tempted with lots of treats as we visit and have visitors and we need to save room for Christmas dinner.

Did you get my Christmas dinner menus? I've done three over the years: $25, $50 and $80 meal plans for delicious Christmas dinners. And yes, you can have a lovely Christmas dinner for four for just $25 - I've done it. I've also done the $50 and $80 plans too - and both those plans include planned leftovers for Christmas tea and Boxing Day so you can relax after the big day.  You'll find them here.

Anyway, this week we will be eating:

Sunday: Roast Chicken with baked vegetables

Monday: Crumbed schnitzels, salads      

Tuesday: BBQ—chicken kebabs, tossed salad, naan bread

Wednesday: Tacos              

Thursday: MOO Pizza

Friday: Christmas Dinner

Saturday: Leftovers & salad

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