28 December 2015

​Easier Knitting

With a little spare time I've brought out my knitting needles again (and I need some new dishcloths - the old ones are ready to be moved to the laundry). This tip from Zofia makes casting on and getting a nice first row easy. It's so simple and so effective.

Easier Knitting

Knitting the first row of your project can be a little slow because the stitches are usually quite tight. To solve this problem use two needles when casting on instead of one. The extra width of the two needles ensures that the stitches of the first row will be able to be knitted easily. Alternately you could use a knitting needle that is several sizes larger than the one needed in your project to achieve the same result.
Contributed by Zofia Vandenburg

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  1. Ive just been teaching myself how to Crochet Cath as i could never really work out patterns before, i've always been a knitter but crochet has always had me stumped, im happy to say thanks to the wonderful world of youtube ive just made my first bag ( to keep my wool in of course) and im very happy with it. I also made a spiral dish scrubber that tickled me to lol Im loving the crochet for a change and i'll keep practising with that as i do plan on making quite a few things in the coming new year. Have a wonderful New Years Eve Cath and a brilliant 2016. Im looking forward to starting the revolution again and ive told Darren and Shayna that they WILL like it and they WILL help xoxo

    1. Way to go Karen! I love to crochet, the work "grows" so much faster than knitting, but it uses so much more yarn that I struggle, especially with the dishcloths - just my "stingy" side coming out, rather than my practical side. I love my scrubbies - did you put fishing line in them? They're really quick and I've had them on my "gifts to make" list for a while now - maybe this year they'll actually become part of a gift :). I taught myself too Karen, Mum tried over the years and I tried to follow the instructions in the how-to-crochet books but in the end it was just easier to get the hook and some wool and start to make something.

      I'm looking forward to the Saving Revolution too, and I love your power of positive thinking - 2016 WILL be a wonderful year for you and your family. Hope you're feeling better, and I wish you an amazing 2016 full of joy, health, happiness and contentment.


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