23 December 2015

The Most Liberating Feeling

Jen P sent this Saving Story to me a few Decembers ago, but its message is as valid this Christmas as it was then: you can get control of your finances and live a really good life, without depriving yourself. Jen is still a Platinum member and still doing a great job at living the Cheapskates way.

We all have a saving story, some of them are just being written, as Jen's is, some of them are almost finished. Wherever you are with your saving story, I wish you the very best Christmas and New Year and may you find peace, happiness and joy living the Cheapskates way.

"Dear Cath,

I am just writing to say a very heartfelt Thank You!!! to you from all of my heart. You are wonderful with how you help us  and I only really realised it today, but this is the first Christmas in over  11 years where I am not stressing one bit about money or where I am going to find it for all the expenses of the season. It was enough to actually make me cry with relief when I realised it!

My groceries are nearly under control finally and I look forward to even more savings next year if I can in getting them down even more.

I have money for my bills saved  and no credit card debt any more. We have money in our savings account finally and money building up and some set aside for a long overdue holiday next year to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.

It is the most liberating feeling to not feel controlled by debt. We are still paying off our home loan, but I am happy to say this is the only debt we have now.

We are not high income earners and pay our own way with private health insurance and school fees etc., but I think we have learned to live within our means and save up for the things we really want from life.

I have only been a member since August but what I have learned I could not have learned in a lifetime without Cheapskates support and guidance.

I would also add that it has not been easy, I have had to work on fine-tuning and getting my budgets a bit better every day, slowly and steadily, but it certainly wasn't as hard as what I thought it was going to be either.  Also the advice and encouragement from other members is  just overwhelming and wonderful not to mention invaluable.

Thank you so much once again Cath. I wish you a blessed Christmas and a New Year full of love, happiness and good health ( and savings!) ."

Jen P

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