11 January 2016

The Week that Was

I love the quiet and relaxed atmosphere that's January in Australia. Even the folk who are working tend to be more relaxed and casual.

Of course now our kids have all left school we don't have to stick to school holidays, every day could be that way. But they're not, so I still really enjoy the laid-back way our days unfold.

This week I had early appointments, but I didn't have to rush the day's start to get to them on time. It was much more relaxed. And even though Wayne is back at work, our mornings have been calmer and less stressed.

So this week I've started my mornings with coffee and watering. So peaceful in the garden first thing in the morning and they've been cool this week too.

We've all been catching the water while the showers warm up. I've used it in the iron (only a cup but it all counts), and to mop the floors and water the pot plants.

Fed the worm farm with fruit and veg peelings.

Added onion and citrus peelings to the bokashi.

Grated zucchini from the garden and bagged it for the freezer.

Made a batch of pickles using zucchini from the garden.

Picked lettuce, cumbers and tomatoes from the garden for our salads.

Sprayed the pavers with a salt and vinegar mixture to kill the weeds and saved at least $10.

Grated the melted chocolate from Christmas Day (it was HOT) and added it to Lunchbox Cookies with some leftover peanuts I chopped up.

Stuck to the grocery budget and bought 3L milk, a loaf of bread, some salami and a bottle of lemonade - total cost $9.64. Moved $13 to the grocery slush fund.

Used a gift card and some gift money to have Chinese takeaway for my birthday dinner. It was so good, and there were leftovers for tea on Friday.

Saved the containers from takeaway tea to use for single serve freezer meals.

Cut the bottom off a Body Shop strawberry handcream tube to get it all out. This is such nice hand cream, it was a gift last Christmas and I've been eking it out. Should be good for another few days.

Hannah made a black forest cake for dessert on Thursday night instead of buying dessert.

Thawed orange and lemon juice (frozen in October) to make cordial.

Hung the washing outside to dry.

Saved a gift bag and a pretty box to re-use. Saving? Maybe $10, the bag is really pretty and the box is gorgeous. I think I have a plan for it too.

Made caramel coffee syrup to use in flavoured iced coffee - saving at least $3 (the price of coffee syrups at Aldi).

Used some fruit flavoured tea bags to make iced tea - delicious and much cheaper than buying iced tea or even iced tea mixes.

Planted some mini cabbage and mini cauliflower seeds in tubes to start the autumn seedlings. They take a while to get to the planting out stage and by then the weather should be just right. I'll plant some more in three weeks for succession planting.

Chose pharmacy brand medicine over the prescribed brand and saved $38! Now to hope it works :)

Hemmed some old bath mats to use as floor rags.

Made a double batch of Miracle Spray.

Put things aside for donating as I came across them then did an op shop run on Friday. I have no idea where all this stuff comes from - I swear it breeds in the cupboards.

Gave the spending plan a quick once-over to make sure we're on track.

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  1. Hi Cath,

    What a great week you have had. So many great tips here, thanks


  2. Happy Birthday for last week Cath, i hope you had a lovely day and im sure you were nicely looked after xoxo

    1. Thank you Karen, I was very spoilt and had a really lovely day with the kids.

  3. Great savings there Cath, you have had a good week!

    I like the sound of iced tea, hubby loves those. Might have to give them a try :)


    1. Tania I'm loving the iced tea. I'm especially enjoying Raspberry and Dragonfruit (Wendy gave me some of these tea bags - just divine) and a strawberry, cranberry and goji tea that the boys gave me for Christmas. I've also made peppermint and lemon and they're really nice and refreshing too. I've been giving the lemon tea to Wayne in a thermos to take to work on these really hot days.

  4. Cath, I had to go do a search on bokashi as I didn't know what it was. Did you make your own starter mix, the starter mix seems quite expensive so of course I am looking for the more frugal way! I too love the quiet of early morning, it is my favorite part of the day! Love reading the frugal things you do, it inspires me!

    1. Patsi I buy the bokashi mix from Bunnings a hardware chain here in Australia - it's not Bokashi brand, in a plain plastic bag. 2kg (~4.4lbs)for around $7 the last time I bought it. It will last a long time, you only need to use a very light sprinkle between each layer in the bucket. I haven't found a satisfactory MOO for it, although I keep searching. I just love my bokashi - I can compost things I can't put in the regular compost or give to the worms: meat, bones, fluff, hair, citrus and onion peelings. And the "tea" is a wonderful fertiliser, very rich and full of good things for the garden so between it, the worm tea and the compost I'm not buying fertilisers. I treasure my early mornings - so quiet I hear every clock in the house ticking, and I love watching the sun come up. It's a really nice way to start the day :)

  5. I love reading how your week has been and how many things you have accomplished:) Hope you enjoy the rest of your week. Linda


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