24 January 2016

The Week that Was

The roses are blooming again, such a pretty pink colour

A busy week in the lead up to a few days away, leading a tour through the Victorian High Country and Snowy Mountains.

I spent a lovely afternoon at Wendy's last week with the Cheapskates card-making ladies. So many lovely cards made and so many ideas floating around my head. Can't wait for the next one.

Gratefully accepted some lovely fresh, home-grown rhubarb from Carol. Stewed it with a little lemon juice and then portioned it out and froze it for crumble and pie.

Enjoyed our new cooling on two very hot days. I'll have to wait and see how much it impacts the power bill (it's high enough as it is). We ran it for six hours both days so we'll wait and see which child we'll sell off to cover the running costs.

We kept the house shut up during the day, with blinds and curtains closed, to help keep the heat out. Opened it up after dark and left doors and windows open overnight to cool down. I was up before the sun three days to get everything shut up and the fans on. Combined with the new cooling it worked to keep the house beautifully cool; even when it was 37 outside it was only 27 in the family-room.

Knitted a soap sack to go with a crochet trimmed face washer and some handmade soap for a birthday present. Used a handmade card and a redecorated gift bag - total cost $6.35 (and most of that was the yarn and face washer!).

A knitted soap sack - made from cotton yarn. They're great knitted in bamboo yarn too.

Filmed a segment for A Current Affair on Thursday - it airs tomorrow night. Channel 9 at 7pm.

Finally closed the old website permanently. Feels a little strange but I'm loving the new website.

Picked more zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes and finally cucumbers from the garden.

Fed the worms with veggie peelings and salad scraps.

Baked shortbread, Cranberry Hootycreeks and cheese twists and fruit cake and banana bread.

Saved shower warm-up water (thought I'd better specify, I've had queries about saving "shower water") and used it to water the pot plants and in the washing machine.

Filled both cars up using petrol dockets when petrol hit $101.5 cents a litre.

Dried catnip to make insect repellent.

Stitched a button on a pair of jeans for AJ so now he can wear them again.

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  1. Oh Cath enjoy your few days away, im so jealous as with my new job we havent been able to get away at all, seems a waste for Darren who's on 5 weeks holidays but he's getting things done around the house so not a total loss. We'll have to wait till Easter and then were off to Adelaide :) I love your soap sack to i think i might crochet one of them ? :)

  2. I love the knitted soap sack. I am starting soap making again as I used to make soap years ago but haven't made it in ages. These would go just nicely with soap as a gift!
    Ohh I will watch ACA. That is great Cath! I hope you enjoy your trip and the weather is kind to you. xxx


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