29 August 2016

I Made My Own Rubit Scrubit and Saved!

I was looking at these little gadgets at the Papercraft Expo over the weekend. No, I didn't buy one. I use wet wipes to clean my stamps (and I clean them each time I use them so they don't stain). I don't have a lot of stamps, but the ones I have get a lot of use so I may well try Veronika's idea out. I just need to hunt through the house to find a case to keep it in (I have a stash of microfibre cloths I can use)!

I Made My Own Rubit Scrubit and Saved!

Approximate $ Savings: $26

As an avid stamper my rubit scrubit (stamp cleaning pad) was getting very tattered and wasn't doing the job. A friends sister-in-law has just joined a stamping party plan, and was keen to show off all her goodies (and maybe book a party or two!). I really loved the stamp cleaning device they had, a swish black case with microfibre cleaning power. But at $30, I thought I could do with my old pad a little longer. Back at home, the brain started ticking over, and I found my tin of watercolour pencils, and emptied them into another container (recycled of course) and when we went shopping purchased 2 cheap microfibre cloths for my tin - I had to trim the cloth to it and glue it to the tin and found instead of being one cloth, it was folded over and hemmed, giving me two cloths for the price of one! As well as a spare! I now have a very effective stamp cleaner, the only compromise is it's a coloured cloth, not a black one, so you can see the ink when it comes off the stamp, but with a saving of $26, I think I can live with that!
Contributed by Veronika

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