31 August 2016

Mega Grocery Savings by Savvy Shopping

Cheapskates Members know how to shop. They know how to find a bargain: the stores to frequent, the time to be there and which items to concentrate on.

These savvy shoppers are so tuned into getting a grocery bargain that they even know the time of day different items are marked down! And they make sure they are there to snap up the best deals.

There are some simple guidelines that will help you with your mark-down bargain grocery shopping, ensuring you’ll always get a good deal.
  1. Know the regular price of the item
  2. Check to see if it’s on your shopping list. If it isn’t, is the item something you use regularly?
  3. Will you be able to use it before the Use By date?
  4. If not, do you have the capability to freeze it, store it, dehydrate it, bottle it?
  5. Will you be able to use it within a reasonable period of time? There’s no point in storing 15 cans of furniture polish if you only polish your furniture once a year!
Here’s some advice from Cheapskates Club Members:

Double Up 

When doing your grocery shop, for the week/fortnight. Double up on a staple, such as tea or sugar. Put them in a separate place, and in a couple of months, you will have nearly a whole shopping list of staples. I usually treat myself, with the savings, to something special. I also do the same thing with specials if I can afford to.
Contributed by Josie

Easy Ways to Cut Down on Your Grocery Bills 

Make sure you take a good look at your weekly supermarket catalogues before you head to the supermarket. This way you can save lots on washing powder, toilet rolls etc. If you need to buy nappies or wipes also keep an eye out in the catalogues (supermarket, Target, Kmart, Big W). I have compared just about every price in Sydney for nappies and wipes and I find the cheapest time to buy them is when Kmart have 15% off storewide or Woolworths have Huggies Bulk Box Nappies on special for $29.99. Also for meat talk to your Butchery Dept at your supermarket and find out when they reduce their meat (when it only has a few days left on the expiry date). The meat is still fine, and you just have to put it into the freezer. For fruit and veggies take a trip to your Asian greengrocer - they have a fantastic variety and are much cheaper (if in Sydney try Cabramatta) Hope this helps.
Contributed by Olivia

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