02 January 2017

Old Fashioned Bath Salt Sodas

Cheapskates Club members have taken up the challenge to make Christmas 2017 a handmade Christmas,  so for 2017 the Monday craft Tip of the Day is going to be something a little different - an idea or pattern or recipe or instructions for a handmade gift.

It may seem a little early to be making bath salts, but this pretty gift idea requires you do do a little collecting and op-shopping, so to give you time to gather everything you need, it is Handmade Christmas Idea No. 1.

And they're not just for Christmas, but birthdays, Mother's Day, to say thank you or get well - there are so many ways you can gift these pretty bath salts.

Old Fashioned Bath Salt Sodas

 This year I collected old fashioned ice cream soda glasses. I bought them from thrift stores when I saw them. I made a bath salt mixture with sea salt, rolled oats  (which I finely ground in blender) Epsom salts, a few drops of food colouring and a few drops of 100% essential oil of choice, an exfoliating sponge and a large red bead. I mixed everything together in a large metal bowl, put it into the ice cream soda glasses and covered them with cling wrap so the salts wouldn't fall out. I put the nylon exfoliating spongy thing on top of the cling wrap and topped it off with a large, round, red bead, then stuck a straw into the glass via tiny hole I had made. I added a long handled teaspoon (collected from Donut King)to each glass and so far the recipients of these early Christmas gifts have been very pleased with them.
Contributed by Nikki Armstrong

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