30 January 2017

The Week that Was 29th January 2017

True to form, Telstra very kindly were doing whatever it is they do and we had no internet for most of yesterday. Very frustrating!

Last week we saved money, time and energy a few ways:

We had a decent shower of rain which meant the garden didn't need to be watered for a couple of days.

Dried the washing on the line.

Redirected the grey water onto the back lawn.

Caught shower warm up water and used it to water the hanging baskets and pots.

Made two batches of cupcakes to use up packet mixes I was given, one chocolate, one red velvet. Consensus is they're not as good as made from scratch (and I expect they'd be a lot more expensive too).

Made four lots of pizza dough, rolled out, par-baked and froze them for February's pizzas.

Made ciabatta using a mix that was given to us - yum!

Made cinnamon banana bread.

All the usual cleaning, filling of cars with petrol etc.

Made breadcrumbs using the crusts in the freezer while the oven was hot from the cupcakes.

Saved lots of packaging to restyle into gift packaging.

What did you do to save money, time and energy last week?

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