15 January 2017

The Week that Was 15th January 2017

Woke up early Monday morning and found an apple tree full of Cockies, dropping the apples on AJ's car and generally making a mess of the yard (as they do).

Peeled, chopped and stewed 13kg of apples. The freezer is full! Plenty for pies, pancakes and crumbles this winter and to have for breakfast.

Dried all washing on the clothesline.

Watered the back grass with the grey water from the washing machine.

Caught the shower warm-up water for the pot plants.

Added two dishcloths to the present box.

Tidied the laundry cupboard and took two bags of containers, jars and dusters to the op shop.

Washed, dried and cut up the liners from the Christmas cereal boxes to use as freezer go-between.

Cooked all our meals from scratch.

Used up a little sour cream and half a block of cream cheese to make Cream Cheese Patties for Hannah and I. We had them for tea on Thursday instead of pizza  and lunch on Saturday. Yum!

Cleaned out Mum's pantry and brought home 4kg of mixed fruit, two packets of raisins, a packet of currants, a packet of mixed peel and two packets of glace cherries. We're set for fruit cake ingredients for quite a while. We love fruit cake but I don't make it often during the year because of the expense. This little haul totalled  $62.59; well worth the 20 minutes I spent tidying the pantry.

Cleaned up the lunchboxes, they were looking a little dingy after a year of use. A paste of bicarb soda and a little water rubbed over the scuffs worked wonders. They all look almost new, just in time for another year of service.  I did the same thing to the ice-bricks too.

Found a basket in the laundry cupboard to store the ice-bricks in the freezer. They'll all be in the one spot and easy to grab and/or replace each day.

What did you do to save money, time and energy this week?

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