18 February 2018


This is what we spent:

Aldi: $23.14
Coles: $5.40
Medical: $129.80
Craft: $1.00
Groceries: $4.00

Craft: $1 - the last of the big spenders, who shouldn't have been spending this month. Carol was able to source some ribbons and buckles at a rock bottom price (50c for  the buckles, 5c/2 metres of ribbon). I took the $1 from my mad money.

Medical: $129.80 - this is the OOP from a specialist visit this week. We have a medical section in our spending plan so that we can afford to visit private specialists when needed. The Medicare refund of $182.10 went straight back into the medical account.

This is what we didn't spend (and what was moved into savings/slush fund/holiday fund):

Coffee: Wayne is still using the Keep Cup and we are both still having iced coffee in the mornings. I've been making up Iced Coffee Syrup, using expresso from my machine and MOO vanilla extract. Total cost: $3.82 for 1 litre of coffee syrup, that makes 20 iced coffees (I use 50ml per drink). Our iced coffees cost just 40 cents each (200ml milk costs 20c, 50ml syrup is 20c). Between the two of us, over seven mornings, we didn't spend $52.50 on iced coffee this week!

Groceries:  $4 - this bought 500 walnuts and 500g almonds on clearance (the greengrocer was closing down). A saving of $13.75 on the walnuts and $12.93 on the almonds, a total of $26.68 not spent on nuts for baking.

Birthday card: I made a card from materials in the craft cupboard. The cardstock, papers and embellishments cost $1.20. To buy a similar card would cost $8+ to buy. $6.80 wasn't spent on a birthday card.

Petrol: Another week with minimal driving, so no petrol needed or bought. $80 moved to the holiday fund.

Meals:  We didn't spend $376 again on takeaway this week and all our meals, including lunches, were made at home using ingredients already on hand. We didn't blow $446 on food this week!

Ebooks: I downloaded 11 new ebooks for my Kindle, all free. At an average of $4 per ebook, I didn't spend $44 on ebooks this week.

Total spent this week:  $163.34
Total not spent this week: $655.98
And moved to savings:  $80.00

Remember, money isn't saved until it is safely in the bank. Until then it is just not spent - hence my "what we didn't spend" list and making sure I move money from the relevant categories into our savings accounts.

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