06 January 2020

Make It, Bake It, Grow It, Sew It Week 1

This week is a week of make its, with the new card a day challenge starting.

Make It - so far I've made 15 cards - a new card every day, with multiples being made on two days. I was on a roll, the materials and tools were out so I decided to make five of the Dino Days and Magnolia Thank You cards. This will give me one for my stash, and two each for the CWA and nursing home boxes.

Here's the Make Its so far:

Bake It - No baking done, still no working oven. The final plans for the new kitchen are being drafted, then I just need to be patient and wait for it to be built and installed. But boy will I be baking up a storm in a few weeks - and hopefully the weather will have cooled off a bit too.

Grow It - the severe heat took it's toll on the garden. Lots of capsicums were burnt, and the tomatoes suffered. The egg plant are slow, but lots of flowers so hopefully that means lots of fruit in a couple of weeks. The rain yesterdayand today has been a blessing - gentle enough to really soak into the garden bed and give them a good drink.

Sew It - pot holders and a couple of new aprons are on the agenda for this coming week.

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