05 January 2020

Getting Back in the Groove

I missed blogging last year. But I was flat out. It was such a busy year.

I started the You Tube show, with live shows twice a week.

The Cheapskates Club had a major growth spurt.

Our family life was full, there was always something on, to be done, needed, things to deal with  - you get the idea.

I posted when I could, but it wasn't often. I'd jot down ideas as they struck, but then run out of time to expand them into a post.

This year, 2020, is already looking to be busy, but a different, less frantic kind of busy. We are planning on finally buying a "forever home". We also have a couple of trips planned (we've been saving for these trips for two years - I can't wait). Wayne would like to upgrade my car; we have been saving for this so if we can find what he thinks I'll need that fits what we've saved then I'll be getting a new car (sometime this year).

One blogging commitment I've made is the Card a Day challenge. So far, so good. I've not only made at least one card every day this year, but I've managed to photograph them, and get them posted, here and on the Cheapskates Club forum.  Feel free to join me in this challenge - you may not need to make a card a day, but if you do make cards I'd love to see them - just pop them in the comments.

Some of the cards from the Card A Day Challenge

Another blogging challenge for this year is to get back to writing Happiness Homemade posts. These posts covered the simple things that happen every day to make home a happy place. It could be baking or gardening; knitting a dishcloth or sewing a table runner; making gifts for the present box; filling the pantry or freezer; using what I have to add value to our home and our lifestyle. But they will all be based on old fashioned homemaking skills that work for Australian women in 2020. It was a blog post I read on a random blog (that seems to have an enormous following, although I'd never heard of it or read it before) that caused me to start posting about homemade happiness again, and I'll explain that in my first post.

So now I'm back in the groove, I hope you join me when you can, to keep me in the groove.

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