28 May 2011

Stuff those boots

Boots are back in fashion and now the weather has turned to winter they are coming out of the wardrobes. I love my boots, they keep my feet dry and hide the fact that I'm wearing  extremely unfashionable, but oh-so-cosy, big, thick hiking socks. I love that I can wear a dress or a skirt in winter and still keep my legs warm. But sadly keeping them in tip top shape can be expensive. Boots flop over when they don't have legs in them! Instead of buying expensive boot stuffers (and yes, there are such things available) I use rolled up newspapers to keep the legs straight.  Use your local paper (it's free) and keep it rolled up with a rubber band at each end. Then just slip one paper into the leg of each boot.  Pool noodles (those long, coloured foam tubes for the swimming pool) also make great boot stuffers when they are past their pool use by.  Boots are expensive and keeping them in shape will give you many more years of wear for your money.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cath,

I just thought you may add one more solution to this one - I don't know why I never thought o sharing it before.
Being originally from Europe boots are a regular thing there and if you want one that will last couple of seasons they are very pricey - I always "stuff them" with empty bottles when they are not used. It can be any soda bottles, coke bottles, any plastic bottle will do and because they are mostly wider they always kept my boots in great shape.

Hope this will help some of your readers

Thank you for all the good tips


Anonymous said...

I too was stumped for a way to keep up the boot legs -and solved it by filling up the legs of an old pair of tights with old tights, worn socks and bits of scrap fabric. This means they can also slip into the shape of the shoe part of the boots as well. A couple of drops of lemon oil on the fabric and it also keeps them smelling nice. Susan Sydney, ,