18 May 2011

Stay out of the shops and keep your money

It's simple. Shopping is not a recreational activity. It's not a hobby. Stay away from the shops and you will save money.  I am sure that if I were to go to the shops today I'd find a bargain that would be too good to pass up. If I stay home and away from the shops, I won't even know about it and certainly won't miss it.  If, or when, the time comes for me to buy that item, I'll do my research, shop around and find another bargain. Staying away from shops avoids temptation, stops impulse spending and keeps your money in your pocket.


  1. I don't shop anymore.

    I've never cared for it. Even as a kid when mom would take my sister and I with her to the city to shop, she loved it and I hated it.

    As an adult she is in debt and I am not. Good advice.

  2. I was listening to workmates discuss various shopping centres in Sydney, the Gold Coast and Brisbane today. I pretended to be very, very busy. I cannot think of a more annoying holiday activity than shopping! But they base their holidays on this crazy hobby. Why would I bother going to a shop unless I needed something? I'd rather read a good book than 'just look'.

  3. I only shop when I have to and I find strip shopping for specific items much better than wandering around a shopping centre. I always group things together and do more than 2 shops at a time. A big Myer sale may get me to the clothing shop once a year with a specific list of needs, not wants.


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