10 May 2011

Quick Marshmallow Slice

This quick slice is great for using up the crumbs in the bottom of the cereal packets. Just store them in the freezer until you have enough to make the slice. I use a mixture of whatever cereals we have in the cupboard. It could be Weetbix crumbs, crushed ricies, muesli, rolled oats, bran flakes in any combination to make up the 5 cups.

250 g pack marshmallows - any colour will do
120 g butter
5 cups muesli*
60g dried apricots
60g glace cherries
60g slivered almonds

Melt marshmallows and butter together. Dice apricots and cherries. Mix fruit and almonds into cereal and stir to combine. Quickly add the melted marshmallow mixture and stir to combine. At this stage you will need to be quite fast as the marshmallow will start to set. Quickly pour into a baking paper lined slice tray. Press down with the back of a wet spoon (this stops the spoon sticking to the top of the slice). Mark into squares and set in the fridge.

*See comment above about using a mixture of cereals


  1. Hi Cath

    The Quick Marshmellow Slice is not showing properly on the webpage-has the title only

  2. I'm sorry - this is a Blogger problem that aparently is being experienced by quite a few bloggers. Google are working on a fix according to the forum.

  3. Thanks, Cath. By the way,I'm not a Blogger-I come to the articles via my Google Reader


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