26 May 2011

Frugal cleaners

Next to food, the biggest grocery cost for most Australians is cleaning supplies. It's no wonder when we are bombarded with ads telling us we need a product for the dishes, one for the floors, another for the baths, yet another for the shower, washing powder, fabric softener and ironing spray, we must have room deodoriser and a carpet deodoriser (who could live with stinky carpets?), furniture polish for light wood, another for dark wood. Then there's the bleaches and disinfectants, the cleaner for the walls and the one for the benchtops. Yikes! To save money, stick to one type of cleaner - the one you make yourself. You'll save hundreds of dollars a year and have a cleaner, healthier home.  Cleaning with the Super Six has some great instructions for making your own cleaning products, that really work and that will truly save you money.

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  1. I make my own cleaning fluid, I use one 250 ml of Home Brand detergent, then rinse the bottle with water, before refilling it with Cloudy Ammonia, to add to the 2 litre bottle, finally fill the bottle with water, I generally biy 3 bottles of detergent [they did only cost 39 cents when I started doing this, and are now 75 cents, the Cloudy Ammonia costs $1.36, but even with that price difference I can make my cleaning fluid for 71 cents a litre, it is good for cleaning floors spraying on cupboard doors and wiping off with a cloth, I also used it for washing my little dogs bedding [when I had a dog] apparently though cats do not like Ammonia so wouldn't wash cats bedding with it. It also removes grease from clothes that need it, and a friend brought a brand new crepe skirt to me to remove a 20 cent size blob of mould from the skirt, I turned the shirt inside out, put a very small amount of the cleaning fluid on the mould and scrubbed it with a tooth brush, rinsed and the mould was gone.
    I started making this some 30 years ago and have never spent any money on other cleaning products in all of that time.


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