29 May 2011

An Easy Way to Grow Carrots

Carrots are fun and easy to grow, especially using Annaleise's method. If you don't want to use old tyres try using green bags.  Carrots can be sown directly into the tyre (or green bag) successfully. And don't just stick to your common supermarket carrot - why not try some of the coloured or round or miniature varieties available to add some variety to your diet and your garden.

Since I was young I have always been a keen gardener. Unfortunately the soil where I live is very hard and I have had no success in the past at growing carrots. I needed a way to solve this problem as I spend lots of money throughout the year buying organic carrots. My solution was to get old tyres from my local tyre store (they usually give them away for free or a very small charge) and fill them with soil and compost, and then plant the carrot seeds on top. As the soil has been built up, I now have delicious carrots that are very healthy and big. This year I have tried planting potatoes with great success. The tyres in my garden are a great space and water saver also. 

Contributed by Annaleise, Mahoney


  1. Might be a good idea to check whether using tyres for planting in is a good idea... I've heard they leach out toxins into the surrounding soil and into the produce!!

  2. Maybe, then, you could put a green bag into the tyre and then put your soil/compost into it.

    I might try this - I have always wanted to grow potatoes this way, but haven't yet...

  3. A chemical engineer has told me that the amt that leaches out is so minimal that it would take centuries before any harm was posed to humans.

  4. We have tyres all through our garden with herbs etc growing in them. They are a really easy quick and cheap way of achieving a viable growing bed for many plants. The amt leaching is not a concern at all as it is so minute it has no effect on us or the environment.


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