20 May 2011

More creative cushion covers

After the Tip of the Day "Creative Chic Cushion Covers" Robyn McKellar sent me this email:

"Your blog reminded me of a cushion tip I have so I thought I would share.

Had a girlfriend visiting that I hadn't seen for ages, so house was immaculate (you know how it is!  got to make a good impression!), biscuits made, dinner prepped, but I hadn't gotten around to covering that chatty old cushion I had on the lounge.  I had bought the material, a nice bit of Liberty MacIntosh reproduction cotton.  Then I had a brainwave, just while she was here I would cover the cushions and tie the material on.  Problem solved!

I folded the material into a square, placed it right side down on the carpet, placed the cushion so that I had four triangles showing, then folded one triangle over the cushion, folded an "edge" on the opposite triangle and knotted the other two triangles from each side across the front.  I have to say I have never sewn the material into a cushion cover,  and have had so many remarks about how great it looked,  and questions asked as to how I had sewn it to get that effect, etc, I left it.

I have attached pictures of that cushion and others I covered using an old table cloth, a woollen shawl and a pashmina (which was a bit of a challenge as it wasn't square).  As you can see, anything can be used, and the effect is instant.  Have a go.  You can change your cushion covers as often as you like, having a smooth side or an “interesting” side.  Some materials, like the shawl, have a centred pattern and this looks good on the “plain” side.  It’s only limited by your imagination and Cheapskaters have lots of that!"

Here are the photos Robyn sent. Isn't she creative and don't her cushion covers look great?  

Just because we're Cheapskates doesn't mean we have to live with ugly belongings. It really doesn't have to cost a lot or take a lot of time to make our homes and surroundings beautiful. When we choose to live the Cheapskates way it changes the way we look at things. Where BC (before Cheapskates) Robyn may have rushed out and bought a temporary cushion cover, now she's a Cheapskate she saw a beautiful fabric and looked for a frugal way to use it to get the effect she wanted. A little change in thinking for a fantastic result and money saved.

I love this idea - think how easy it would be to change your decor for the seasons - just untie the beatiful fabrics and replace them with other squares you have. What a great way to use a vintage tablecloth - tie it over a cushion and use it on a comfy chair in your kitchen or on the sofa in the family room or lounge. Old lace shawls would be lovely used on bed pillows, piled up high. What luxury, and for almost no cost and just a few minutes of your time.

Bunnyrugs could be used to wrap cushions and pillows for the nursery or a toddler's bedroom too.

The possibilities are endless - just use your imagination and the stash in your linen and craft cupboards to give your soft furnishings an instant facelift.

What fantastic frugal decorating idea do you have? Please share it, I know all Cheapskates love great ideas.

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