20 May 2011

Every wardrobe needs a crochet hook

Even if you don't crochet, you need a crochet hook in your wardrobe.  A fine crochet hook, either 2.5 or 3mm, is the perfect tool for fixing those pulled and loose threads. As soon as you see a loose thread on a garment, get your crochet hook and use it to pull the thread through to the wrong side. Your clothes will not only look better longer, but they'll last longer too.


  1. Just found this and this is exactly what I told a young woman at work who borrowed one of my crochet hooks after I told her how easy it is to fix the pulled threads of her lovely jumper.
    As she was interested, I brought out my hook and showed her how to do the job. She was very happy and returned the hook to me a few days later after finishing the job. And she was quite proud of herself for having done a good job of it.
    Do not know if she ever did as I told her, but she never came back to me to borrow a hook after that and the first time was a few years ago.

    1. Hannah brought me a cardigan yesterday and asked me to fix it, so instead I showed her how to do the simple repair with a crochet hook and some stranded cotton. Ten minutes and the job was done and she can wear her cardi again. Such a simple thing to do, and a great saving over having to buy a replacement for work.


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