04 May 2011

Start a Wish List

Often we see an ad for something and the marketing guru is obviously doing his job properly because before the ad is over we want it!  A surefire way to increase debt and blow your spending plan is to race out and buy it, only to regret the purchase later on.  A way to stop the spontaneous spending and ensure you only buy the things you really want is to have a wish list.  When you find something you think you'd like write it on your wish list. Then, when you have some Mad Money saved or there is enough cash in the particular Spending Plan category you can shop around for a good price and buy it, guilt and debt free. Start your list in a small notebook and carry it with you so you always add the latest "want" to your wish list straight away. You'll find that with most things as soon as they are on your wish list you will stop thinking about them until you are really ready to buy them.

PS:   See Cath on A Current Affair tonight. She's sharing the secret of her low, low grocery bill.....pantry staples!

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  1. How true Cath. Saw a piece on A Current Affair last night about "Catch of the Day" and what great bargains there were. A customer was filmed collecting a huge parcel and saying she placed an order once or twice EACH WEEK! She showed two very ordinary looking watches she had bought for her husband and was thrilled they were ONLY $200 each. My bet is that a most of her purchases would be impulse buys and she is not really saving money at all.


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