19 May 2011

How to Make a Bed

My secret to a comfy bed is  just  making it carefully.  There's only 10 simple steps.  It only takes about 5 minutes to make a queen size bed, 3 or 4 to make a single, not long to ensure a comfortable night is it?


1.Turn the blankets and quilt down and let the bed air while you shower and dress.

2. Smooth bottom sheet of any wrinkles.

3. Pull top sheet up and smooth wrinkles.

4. Pull up blanket, smoothing and turn the hem over. Tuck in the sides.

5. If you have a doona or quilt, shake and lay on top of blanket. Place pillows at head of the bed, openings to the centre.

6. If you have a bedspread, place the pillow at the head of the bed under the sham. Pull spread over the pillow, tucking the excess underneath the pillow.


1. Strip the linen off the bed and put in the wash. Turn the mattress and vacuum thoroughly. This doesn't need to be done weekly, but I lose track of the weeks otherwise. Monthly is probably often enough if you have a good memory.

2. Put the mattress protector (if you use one) on, making sure it is tucked under the mattress on all sides.

3. Lay the bottom sheet over the mattress. If you use fitted sheets, make sure the corners and sides are properly tucked under the mattress.

4. If you use flat sheets (I do) take the bottom sheet and spread it over the mattress. Pull to the top edge, taking the hem over the end of the mattress to the lower edge. You should have just enough at the bottom end of the bed to tuck over the end. Don't worry about holding it in place, the top sheet will do this very well.  Use hospital corners to keep the sheet firmly in place.

5. Put the fleece over the bottom sheet, tucking in the top and bottom. It should be centred on the top of the mattress, it isn't wide enough to tuck in at the sides.

6. Lay the top sheet over the fleece and bottom sheet, patterned side down. This is so the hem and pattern show on the turnback.  Take the lower edge of the hem to the top of the mattress. Make sure the sides are even.

7. Next the blanket goes on, with the top edge of the blanket  going to the bottom of the hem on the top sheet. Make sure the sides are even.  Turn the sheet and blanket down. Tuck the  foot of the sheet and blanket under the mattress and use hospital corners for a neat finish.   Tuck the sides under all the way up.

8. Turn the sheet and blanket down. Tuck the  foot of the sheet and blanket under the mattress and use hospital corners for a neat finish.

9. Give the doona or quilt (if you use one) a good shake and lay it over the top of the bed, making sure the sides are even and the top covers the turnover.  If you use a bedspread instead of a quilt, lay it over the blanket, taking the top edge of the pillow sham to the top edge of the mattress. Make sure the sides are even. Put the pillows under the sham and turn it down.

10. Put the pillows into clean protectors and pillowslips. Lay them on top of the bed, open ends to the centre.

How to make hospital corners
To make hospital corners, tuck the bottom end of the sheets and blankets under the mattress. Then, on the corner, lift the side and carefully tuck the piece left hanging down under the mattress. Drop the side of the blanket and tuck it under the mattress all the way along.  Repeat on the other corner.

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