18 May 2011

There's Nothing Like a Freshly Made Bed

Good evening!

I am going to write this post and get it onto the blog today, no matter what else happens! Three times this week I've sat down and started a blog post, only to be interrupted and sidetracked by other things.  This week has been busy, busy, busy, but there's nothing unusual in that. As you would know, just living can keep a body busy.

I'm not sure what's gone wrong. The weather has been terrible, so cold and wet. And yes, I gave in and we lit the pilot on the central heating BEFORE Mother's Day it was so cold. There's no point in sitting in a cold, damp house just because it's not the second Sunday in May. So the heater has been going and I am grateful for the warm house and the vents in the floor, they've been drying the washing.

This cold snap came on so suddenly, we've been enjoying such a mild autumn that the summer sheets and quilts were still on all the beds.  But not anymore.

Hannah was so sad and tired yesterday morning and when I finally managed to get her to talk (she really was half asleep) she 'fessed up that she wasn't sleeping very well because she was cold! Now she could quite easily have put another quilt or two on her bed but of course once she was up for the day the idea was gone. It wasn't until the house started to cool down in the early hours of the morning that she'd wake and remember she needed another blanket.

So yesterday I changed all our beds. I remade them all with warm and fluffy flannelette sheets, polar fleece liners, cosy blankets and our winter quilts and it was good to get into bed last night. I just love climbing into a freshly made bed. The sheets are so smooth and the pillowcases have a faint lavender scent to them, I always sleep like a log.

I'm rather particular about our beds and how they are made.  One of the nicest compliments I've ever received was from my mother-in-law, who told me she loves getting into a bed I've made, because it's something special.

It's not really, I'm just fussy about making sure the sheets are clean and smooth, the blankets even and the doona fluffed to within and inch of it's life. I like the pillows to be freshly plumped and the pillowcases hem side to the centre of the bed.

We don't use electric blankets or leave the heating on overnight, so we all have a polar fleece bottom sheet on our beds.  They are so soft and warm on even the coldest night.

I looked at buying polar fleece sheet sets, but they were way out of our price range, especially as we have four beds to cover. Another thing that put me off was the quality. Rather than being double-sided, they were only fluffy on one side and quite thin. 

Instead I bought four two metre lengths of polar fleece from Spotlight when they had a sale. They just go over the bottom sheet, tuck in at the top and bottom and work like a charm. They wash and dry in no time, and go back on the beds. 

The kids have even stopped using their wheat bags their beds are so cosy.  When the weather warms up they are stored with the winter quilts.

I think it's important to have a comfortable bed. Comfort encourages relaxation and good sleep and recent research has shown that sleep is essential for good health and weight control, so I'm all for getting as much sleep in a comfortable bed as I can!


  1. What a great idea about the polar fleece over the bottom sheet. I will be going that next winter for sure.

  2. Love this idea, but just want to clarify the polar fleece goes on top of your sheet and you lay on top of it? Thankd

    1. Yes, and it is so toasty warm, better than a hot water bottle that goes cold and safer than an electric blanket. I do this when we're camping too, and we've never been cold, and we've camped overnight down to -7C and still been warm. I only wish I'd throught of this when our children were small and we had an old house and freezing winters.


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