06 May 2011

Organic Groceries at Supermarket Prices

   I like to feed my family organic foods but they are so expensive, so we teamed up with some other local families to form an organic foods co-op. As long as our co-op place a minimum order of $300, we can buy all of our dry goods in bulk (rice, lentils, tinned goods, cereals, flours, nuts, seeds, dried fruit etc) at wholesale prices direct from the distributor. This makes the cost similar to buying non-organic goods at the supermarket. The added bonus is that we can also get substantial discounts on other goodies too like skin care products, homeopathic remedies, herbal teas etc. I would estimate we save $100 per month, depending on the size of the order. We get together once a month to place our order which is also a good excuse to catch up with friends over a glass of wine.
Contributed by Christine

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