03 January 2008

It's taken a few days but I've come up with a New Years resolution

I am inclined to find New Years resolutions a waste of time. Most resolutions made are worthless, they are simply empty words either spoken or scribbled down and then promptly forgotten so I don't "make" them.

I would rather make goals. The potential is so exciting.

Something I'd like to do this year is actually write down the Cheapskate ways I do things. For instance using things on hand rather than rushing out and buying more stuff, getting three meals from one chicken by using up every part, saving water by catching it in a bucket and using it in the washing machine and then re-cycling it onto the grass are all Cheapskate ways to live.

I can't guarantee that I'll post every day, I get busy with the website and of course my family. But at least once a week I'll post my Cheapskates ways and the calculated savings.

Maybe by the end of the year I will have saved $5,000 just by living the Cheapskates way.

Today's savings:

Not enough of any washing to do a full load. Will wait until tomorrow – saving electricity, water and detergent. Saving possibly $1.20

Needed cream for the pav. Stretched the half bottle I had by whipping with gelatine to increase the volume. Worked a treat and a side benefit – the whipped cream didn't fall. Saving $0.99 (the cost of a bottle of cream).

No chips or crackers for the dip. The oven was already on so cut the crusts off bread slices, cut each slice into four, sprayed with olive oil, sprinkled with herbs and baked them until they were dry and crisp. They were delicious; I'll do this again. Saving $1.69 by not buying a packet of chips.

Had lunch at Mums. Saving $4 here.

Brought the leftover salad, lamb and corned beef home. Used them for dinner. Saving $5.

Total savings today $12.88

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