01 January 2008

First Grocery Challenge for 2008

We've started the first Cheapskates Club grocery challenge for 2008 today and I've posted the list of challengers in the Forum. It's not to late to join in, it's never too late to join a Cheapskates Club challenge. You can sign up here to start 2008 off with a savings bonanza, we'd love to have you.

I actually started yesterday. We needed milk and cheese (can't live without our cheese in this house) so off I went to Aldi and spend a grand total of $16.65 for milk, cheese and a lettuce. I'm hoping this will be the last of the grocery spending until next Monday.

If I can stay away from the supermarket, butcher, green grocer and of course my favourite market then will have $63.65 left from this week's grocery money. Maybe if I'm careful I can find school shoes for under $63.65 for one of the kids and then I won't need to spend the money in the school budget on shoes which means that I can add it to the school camp fund and have head start. This is a big year for school camps for us, all three kids have camps this year and they are not cheap!

Well that's a plan - not quite the original but I think it's a better one. Now I really want to not buy any more food this week. Nothing like a good incentive for motivation is there?

I posted in the Grocery Challenge Forum about the huge bag of oranges I had in the freezer. I took them out after breakfast and would you believe the boys have eaten two each frozen. If I had given them frozen oranges and told them to eat them they'd have looked at me like I was nuts. Teenagers!

Anyway the cordial is made and in the fridge and I've saved the pulp and skins to make some muffins and an orange cake this afternoon after it cools down. I've put a huge bowl of orange jelly in the fridge so we'll have a nice cool dessert tonight. I know it won't last long, jelly is Thomas' favourite food. He'd live on it if I'd let him :)

I'd best get off this computer, the family awaits. We're off to the beach for a picnic, meeting my brother and his family and looking forward to a fun day. Lucky this is a grocery challenge and not a petrol one!

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