01 January 2008


I have a brand new blog and I am so excited. I love to be able to share my thoughts and blogging is the perfect way for me to get them out really quickly. My new blog ties in so well with the Cheapskates website and for a complete technological nincompoop like me it is a dream to use too. I can add the posts whenever I feel like it. Can you hear Julie cheering? She is our ever so patient tech guru and now she has one less job to do.

I expect that I'll be blogging about anything and everything to do with living the Cheapskates way. If it will save you (or me) money, time or energy I'll be blogging about it. If it helps you to be debt free, cashed up and laughing I'll be blogging about it.

On this blog you can leave comments too, so I'll be able to hear what you have to say. While this is a blog and not a chat group, you may find that I'll be commenting on your comments from time to time so if you add me to your Favourites list you can check back easily to see the latest entries.

And welcome again to my blog.

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