02 January 2008

Make a promise to yourself......

.....that no matter what, if you have chosen to live the Cheapskates way, you will no matter who says what to you.
Often in our journey through frugality our lifestyle, our sense of pride, responsibility and even our ethics are questioned by people who don't understand the choice we have made. The Cheapskates way of life isn't the lazy choice by any means. Nor is it hard.
Cheapskates have made a conscious choice to focus their money, time and energy on the things that are important to them, not the things that the Jones' think are important.
For some of us paying off a mortgage in double quick time is the top priority, for others it could be having the money to buy a new car every two years or take the family on an overseas trip every Christmas. The difference is that Cheapskates are prepared to forgo things that aren't essential or important to them (pizza on Friday nights, cappuccino every day, designer clothes on a whim, magazines, movies etc ) so they can enjoy the things that are.
We don't feel deprived at all. If we want pizza we can make it (try my fanstastic pizza dough) or buy frozen on special and add our own gourmet touches and still be saving money. Looking good is easy, clothes don't have to cost a fortune. Shopping wisely keeps us well-dressed and within our budget and it doesn't take any longer that traipsing through the shopping centres looking for full-priced clothes.
Whatever your reason for living the Cheapskates way be proud of the choices you have made and stay focused on your goal. In the end you will be the one who's debt free, cashed up and laughing!

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