05 January 2009

The shoe hunt was successful

I am now the proud owner of three lovely pairs of new shoes. They look good, they were great prices and best of all they are comfortable. I will be able to wear them all day and not grimace once. And I won't be hunting around for a marker to colour in the heels anymore either (unfortunately my favourite shoes have badly scuffed heels, hence the colouring in with a marker).

Hannah, Mum and I braved the early morning Sydney traffic and the crowds to hit David Jones as soon as the doors opened. What a crowd - more than I was expecting but probably not enough for management. Hundreds of women, all wanting shoes!

Picture it: trestle tables set out in squares, one per shoe size. Each table covered in shoe boxes stacked three deep. No particular order apart from this. And women, hundreds of women, trying to find the perfect pair of shoes. Talk about chaos!

It was actually a lot of fun. I found two pairs of heels - a lovely black pair with a very cute peep toe and a rather glamorous (for me anyway) pair of patent leather in a creamy beige. I wore the patent shoes last week and felt very well dressed. It's amazing how smart you feel when you wear something you like.

Paying for them was a challenge. Two registers, two rather frazzled cashiers and one long, long queue. I met some lovely ladies while we were waiting to pay and learned of a few more bargains that were around. I also saw the horrible side of human nature too. As I was waiting in the line, one of the store assistants walked past with an armful of shoe boxes - full of old shoes. People had taken the new shoes out of the boxes, replaced them with their old shoes and just walked out the door. If the old saying is true those shoes will squeak with every step taken until they are paid for.

After DJs we hit Colorado. Summer sandals were calling me, I could hear them loud and clear, and not wanting to disappoint them just had to pop in and try some on. A pair of nice black sandals now live in my wardrobe and boy are they comfortable.

None of these pairs of shoes were cheap, even on sale. I believe that if I am going to be wearing them for a long time then they need to be good quality, well made, good fitting and comfortable. I spent $139.95 on the three pairs of shoes and I've just calculated the per wear cost.

The heels will be worn at least once a week for at least three years (I am not hard on shoes at all, that's why I tend to buy classic styles rather than fashion shoes) and will cost 32 cents per wear. The sandals will be worn at least three days a week for three summers or about 4 months a year so 42 wears in total. The cost per wear for them is about 27 cents. I am very happy with that. And once they are no longer 'going out' presentable they will become yard shoes until they fall apart so in actual fact will end up costing much less per wear.

So now I've brought three new pairs of shoes into the house I am off to deposit three old pairs in the bin (they really are not fit to be worn!).

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