18 January 2009

Tip of the Day January 18, 2009

Seven and a half cents doesn't mean a heck of a lot...

As the old Doris Day song goes "but give it to me every minute of every hour of everyday…."

Sometimes it's easy to think that $1 here and $5 there isn't much but all those small amounts can add up to quite a lot very quickly. Frittering away $5 a day is a whopping $35 a week! That casual attitude to small amounts really does add up. Keep the carefree attitude and before too long you could end up in big trouble.

So, instead of frittering away small amounts, stash the cash instead. Put it into a jar (or the Milo tin)or your secret cash stash and when you have $20 bank it into your savings account and watch that add up.

Oh, and seven and a half cents of every minute of every day adds up to $39,312 in a year! Doris sure knew what she was singing about.

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