30 January 2009

Tip of the Day January 30, 2009

Warm Weather Lunches

When you're packing the lunches think about the weather, how it's going to be transported, how long it will have to sit until it's eaten and whether or not you want the packaging back.

In warmer weather making sandwiches and rolls up ahead of time and freezing them will keep them fresh until lunchtime. Ditto for yoghurts, custards and fruit tubs. They'll thaw in the lunch box ready to be eaten. And on a hot, humid day a nice cool lunch will encourage a lagging appetite. If you are going to freeze sandwiches and rolls, double wrap them or put them into the ziplock sandwich bags (they can be washed and re-used) and then into another air tight container. This will ensure that any extra moisture stays out and discourage freezer burn and soggy sandwiches when thawed.

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