21 March 2009

Stretch Your Dollar follow-up

I promised I would report back on how my talk at the library went on Thursday night. All I can say is what a lovely, lovely bunch of people! And some great ideas too. And some great places to pick things up locally.

It was so nice to meet members in person and to meet prospective members too. The thing that struck me most was that everyone there did something to save money, they just didn't realize it. We have a mindset that the one little thing we do isn't worth much. What we don't realize is that it's very rare that any of us do anything huge, especially on a regular basis, to save money, or time or energy. It's all the simple, seemingly insignificant, little things we do over and over that have the biggest effect.

Things like only buying marked-down meat, shopping at the market for fruit and veg, only washing when there's a full load, using lunchboxes instead of clingwrap and paper bags, turning lights off when we leave a room. Not one of these things on it's own would make a significant saving. But when combined and repeated, the savings sure add up.

There were lots of questions and some great discussions on frugality and living the Cheapskates way, how the kids coped with it and if it is really worth it.

Take it from me, the kids cope beautifully (they know which side their bread is buttered) and yes, it is worth it and has been every day for the last fourteen years.

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