25 March 2009

Tip of the Day March 25, 2009

Using lay-by instead of credit to get what you want

Not too long ago lay-by was out of vogue and very few stores offered the service. These days it is coming back into it's own and more and more stores are re-opening their lay-by counters. Lay-by items you want or need rather than buy them on credit. Even big ticket items such as fridges, lounge suites, televisions etc can be put on lay-by. True, you will have to wait until it is paid for before you get the goods, but you will own it straight away, won't be paying for it forever and better still will only pay the actual cost price and a small lay-by fee (usually around $1) - no interest.

Lay-by is a good way to get items you need or want when they are on sale and you don't have the ready cash to buy them then and there. It's also a great way to "hide" Christmas and birthday presents when hiding spots at home are limited.

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