13 March 2009

Tip of the Day March 13, 2009

Saving Money With the Internet

I use the Internet for so many things that save money:
  1. Postage - 55c postage to pay all my bills or 5 minutes using bpay
  2. E-mails instead of STD calls to keep in touch with distant family and friends
  3. Shopping. I was able to source and buy a particular watch for Hannah's birthday last year online, saving $26 on the RRP at a local jewellers
  4. Manage my banking on-line, this not only saves on petrol but no more standing in queues - I can do the banking when I have the time
  5. Research, research, research. Everything from where I can get bulk bi-carb to family holidays, grocery catalogues, maps, markets - just about anything you need to know about you can find online, including how to live the Cheapskates way!

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